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90+ Digital Tuition principles

90+ My Tuition App digital classes are syllabus and textbook oriented with animated content for easier understandability. It's just not any class, but tuition brought right into your doorstep pushing you to nothing short of a 90+ score!


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Virtual Tuition concept

Just as we go out for a walk or catch the bus, we observe many people, things, and colors. It feels so natural taking in the real world images with no effort. Just as these images are easily captured and remembered by your mind, it is the same for movies and videos.

So why not for tuition classes too? As little kids, we have learned by observing the world around us. Hence, by virtually teaching the kids and applying their subject contents on real-world objects; you can't but help yourself from studying. Wasn’t that the whole idea of tuition classes in the first place? - To be an easy manual to score higher.


Application Features

Our policy is to treat everyone with equal respect and our tool is simplicity.

App’s other features includes,



Worldwide accessibility

Available in Play store & apple store

Easy & free download

Virtual consultants spread across the state



Number of mock tests

Video usage meter

Lecture notes & model question papers

Doubt ticketing option



Watch & learn even in an offline mode

Use videos for any number of times

Cost of app is less than the tuition fees

Universal class



Save your Ward's transportation cost

No security concerns

Time of study is at your own convenience.


Our customers say's about us

This app is really helpful for every kind of students at different levels .This program helps in providing topics and basic information in a much simpler way. Thank you 90+ My Tuition App

Abhiram Biju

Student, Class +2, Kozhikode

Virtual learning is always a good option for learning! 90+ My Tuition App provides it at its best. They provide our children with the best quality. So I wish them a great success....

Prince Davis

Parent, Class 10, Ernakulam

WOW! What a brilliant app. This is a great app were children can enjoy and learn their lessons. The way of teaching is marvelous and the topics discussed here is more authentic and easy to grab.

Anibal Davis

Student, Class +2, Thrissur

My son was really struggling to score marks in his exams and he was not able to grasp many topics that are discussed like a theory in daily classes. But while learning through this app he finds topics very simple and easy to understand. The effect of pictures and videos have really yielded great grades for him….Thank you very much

Sindhu Abraham

Parent, Class +2, Kannur

I find everything very much understandable while learning through this app. I and my family find something really special about their virtualized teaching and animation skills ...

Anjali Subash

Student, Class +1, Kochi

I love this app very much! The quality which 90+ My Tuition App provides is very appreciable. This will help every student to develop their study habits and also their interest in learning……

Rahul Roy

Student, Class +2, Thiruvananthapuram

A great work of mankind! The topics discussed here is very detailed and it also include minute things so I think this app will really help my child to grab entrance later wards.

Sreejith Ravi

Parent, Class +2, Kollam

BRAVO! I am very happy that I had purchased this app for my daughter because I had purchased another application for my child in later years but it was very expensive and it contained only a less content as compared to that this app provides a wide range of content and knowledge with less expense…

Arya Suresh

Parent, Class +2, Kochi

It's a very nice app! it is really helping me to study the topics much easier…..

Devadath G Nair

Student, Class +1, Pathanamthitta

Great application! I had failed to catch up many of classes during our sports and Arts day celebrations so my friend suggested me to use this application thereafter I stated using this app now I feel very relaxed because 90+ My Tuition App provides it at its best…

Sarath Menon

Student, Class +1, Thrissur

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