Virtual Tuition

Learning from visuals

Just as we go out for a walk or catch the bus, we observe many people, things, and colours. It feels so natural taking in the real-world images with no effort. Just as these images are easily captured and remembered by your mind, it is the same for movies and videos.

So why not for tuition classes too? As little kids, we have learned by observing the world around us. Hence, by virtually teaching the kids and applying their subject contents on real-world objects; you can't but help yourself from studying. Wasn’t that the whole idea of tuition classes in the first place? - To be an easy manual to score higher.

All the tuition materials will be in sync with the state syllabus, leaving no space of confusion for the students. They can learn at their own pace and time making it tailored to individual traits.

With lesson wise quizzes and mock tests, the children can test their knowledge and prepare for what they are lacking. This App also contains an area for the parents where they can keep track of their children's progress. Use this study model to its core and we promise you, your child's prospects will be nothing less than a 90+.

Advantages of our virtual tuition

image Accessible

Virtual tuition is accessible to anyone who has a computer, tablet or Smartphone.

image Location

Students can learn any course from any location on the move. Here the teacher is following you not vice versa.

image Flexible

Students can select their convenient time for learning. There is no longer any need to be in a classroom at a specific time on a specific day.

image Affordable

The cost is less than your tuition fee. Apart from that you need not pay for the transportation cost.

image Convenient & Safe

Students can study at their home. Parents need not worry about their child's safety. It is also convenient for those students who work with full time jobs and those who have other responsibilities that require their spatial movement and time.